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(The Show)

(Architectural Concept) A plateau called Engstligenalp is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level south from adelboden in the western alps of Switzerland. it is a setting for a visionary project, whose aim is to install a device here which in a few thousand years would build a complex of caves — this idea is based on the fact that at present genetic modification is a standard practice. programming a kind of life to substances of inorganic origin is just another level of man’s playing god when man tries to control various natural processes on Earth. „the oldest cave painting represents the first record documenting the beginnings of taking control over what previously arose spontaneously. 37,000 years later this record is not created by pigment on the wall; it is expressed in the very process of creation. Evolution is under control. We program nature in order to forge a new nature of our own.”

The sign of the approaching end of civilization is its inability to create sacred monuments. Memorials mediating idealized notions and values deemed desirable and permanent. Today we only build industrial temples, residential buildings, bridges, buildings with a pragmatic purpose.

The oldest man-made monument is cave paintings. We do not know their original meaning, but we can read in them the beginnings of taking control over what had arisen spontaneously. Control as an ideal cultivated for more than the last 30,000 years. From keeping the fire to a lavender-flavored banana.

The message of the newly emerging monument is not expressed in a painting on cave walls, but in the very process of its creation. The cave complex artificially created by man.

We program the Cave. Evolution is under control. Nature follows the specified rules.

New characteristics:
Conduct a dialogue with the atmosphere, removing carbon dioxide

12 bodies embedded in the ground, each in the shape of an inverted cone. The visible surface of the curved shape with a diameter of 20 m with a flow channel with a diameter of 1 m below the surface buried in the depth of 40 m.The inverted cone contains layered capsules of cell batteries; they are activated by the flow of the accumulated water. The individual particles are aware of their nearest neighbors. All individuals have a tendency to compare. This is followed by chemical gradients, which gather in a selected structure. The secondary chemical processes react with the ground and create a new space.We do not know the precise form of the resulting work. We know only the starting positions.Finally, the observer in the surroundings will be almost unable to say whether this structure was created naturally or artificially.

Country: Switzerland
Name of the region: Enstligenalp
Position: 2000 m.a.s.l.
Highest point: 4000 m.a.s.l.
Area: 7 km2
Form: oval 2 x 1 km

Characteristics of the region:
— Difficult terrain
— Remoteness from civilization
(200 km)
— Dense network of mountain streams-National reserve
— Structural basin enclosed by mountain peaks

_do not create{
No milling;
No drilling;
No turning;
No cutting;
No forging;
No pressing;
No bending;
No extruding;}
.add Redefinovat / To fix in place change to
_come into being;"
_come into being{

artificial cave