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Episode 5:
Keeping in Line

"We see Red Herring, a hybrid creature between a human and a celery, working on the Avocado Bar, where he is comparing himself with star avocados. And he wants to become a part of higher veggiesiety. During that he must undergo an insulting duel with his inner self. He is self-doubtful and experiences identity crizes. In the context of vegetable hierarchy celery finds itself on very low position. In the supermarkets we can find celery roots situated on the bottom shelves, avocados are always highlighted in the center."

(Exhibition creates an environments, where the narrative is gradually revealed through video, various objects, and ongoing live action)

Venue: NoD Gallery, Prague
Date: 23. 10. - 26. 11. 2018
Curator: Pavel Kubesa
Text: Domenico de Chirico

   Red Harring is here ready to fight against himself in a cerebral and almost videogame-y "mise en scène" centred around his own two battling personalities, each constantly trying to take control of his attitude towards the outside world.
   His poetry, seemingly twisted and dreamlike, is based on expanded and elaborate metaphors and his language, carefully structured and polished, turns out to be intentionally rhetorical, a sort of subversive declamation designed to deconstruct the more traditional spoken narration.
   Based on his empirical experience, he describes characters and archetypal situations deliberately transforming their nature through a motion that goes from the top down and viceversa, so as to achieve a distinctive poetry and structuring the plot from time to time to create multiple interesting themes and to show various possible points of view.
   → Complete text by Domenico de Chirico in PDF

Camera: Kryštof Hlůže, Performance: Patrik Petr, Jan Kostiha Jakub Jansa, Kamil Nábělek, Graphic design: Jan Horčík Photo: Tomáš Souček © 2018

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