Zone 3

(Process Performance, Site-Specific)

Device captures biosignals from plant in noisy industrial environment. Its internal communication language has been engraved by vertical plotter into an iron board. The process took 15 days. After finishing, a visual record lapses again into newly grown rust.

Plant, Biofeedback EEG, Vertical plotter, Dremmel, Iron Board: 4400 x 3200cm

'11 Art Semestrer, UMRUM, Praha
'12 The Exhibition of UMPRUM, DOX, Praha
'13 Enter 6, NTK galerie, Prague
'13 Umprum, Bejing, China
'13 VP1, Industrial revolution, Gallery of Zdeněk Sklenář, Ostrava

Jakub Hybler
Matěj Prokop
Adam Kliment
Zdeněk Trávníček

Lucie Svobodová
Federico Díaz

iron board drawing

drawing detail

plant draw