Architectural Concept Of The Exhibition: Malich

(Prague Castle Riding School, Prague)

Together with Federico Díaz we design the architectural concept of the exhibition.
Prague Castle Riding School

Via the installation the visitors enter the inner world of Karel Malich who has been trying to materialize the invisible, capture light and flow of energy. We design the space as a temple of light where ideas are allowed to flow safely. The space guides the visitors on their journey from darkness into light. All of the exhibits are in an open space, beginning with darkened windows and ending with a space imbued with daylight. The impression is underlined by the floor covered with a rug with a black to white gradient. We spent about half a year working on the exhibition. Our primary goal was to merely free the riding hall from intrusive elements and create a seperate niche for each sculpture. We were not allowed to attach hanging sculptures onto the ceiling and that gave rise to a unique suspensory net fixed just under it. Hanging reliefs and drawings were not installed on the side walls of the riding house but to a number of gradually opening monoliths levitating through the centre of the space.