Architectural Concept Of The Exhibition: Malich, Cosmic

(Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, De)

Together with Federico Díaz we design the architectural concept for Karel Malich’s exhibition.
Karel Malich retrospective is being moved to Ludwig Museum in Koblenz. The disposition of the space is different. Contrary to the long space of the riding house, the exhibition is divided into two floors. The main theme is light. Instead of a gradual transition, we define the contrastive separation of light and dark. Most of the ground floor is designed as a temple of light. The visitors enter a space imbued with intense light. At the end of this space, one sees a half-arc wall flooded by a swarm of pastels and drawings coming out to the space. Upon entering the second floor, the visitors encounter the largest wire sculptures. Entering the other part makes the visitors feel as though they were entering an open space – here, they see hanging sculptures surrounded by darkness. Daylight enters the last room through an opening in a wall. A light cone illuminates the sculpture Human-cosmic Coitus.

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