The Garden of Problems

Uncovers the themes addressed
in the Club of Opportunities through the essays
of the invited authors


Title: Club of Opportunities: The Garden of Problems
Book language: English-Czech edition
Author: Jakub Jansa
Designed by: Robert Jansa, Petr Bosák, Martin Groch
Publisher: UMPRUM
ISBN: 978-80-88308-55-3
Selling price: 550 CZK
Binding: paperback
Number of pages: 276

Annotation: The book uncovers the themes addressed in the Club of Opportunities, an episodic project created by artist Jakub Jansa, starring hybrid human-vegetable creatures who question authority and cultural and class relationships. Through the texts of the invited authors (Michal Novotný, Julie Béna, Kamil Nábělek, Noemi Purkrábková, Jozef Mrva Jr., Ernestyna Orlowska, Klára Vlasáková, Jan Bělíček), we get to the bottom of multiple problems – with celeriac ontology, black magic, humour, losing vision of the future and especially with taking root. Jakub Jansa works in various media ranging from film to sculptural elements, installations and live performances. Each of the exhibition events tends to merge with the architecture of the space they inhabit. They are reminiscent of film or TV sets where the narrative gradually unfolds through a carefully designed dramaturgy of various elements (video, objects, live action) while we – the visitors – move through the space.

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