The Club of Opportunities


"Each episode of The Club (i.e. exhibition) introduces new characters and plot twists. Each exhibition creates a situations which hover between reality and fiction, where the narrative is gradually revealed through video, various objects, and ongoing live action.  Through mixed genres, from drama to absurdity, The Club thematise archetypal social topics and gradually uncovers the anatomy of mythology and storytelling. The main protagonist is the overlooked vegetable - Celeriac.

Club of Opportunities reflects upon strategies of dark-side influencers, posing questions of hierarchical relationships and authority. In the context of vegetable hierarchy Celeriac finds itself on very low position. In the supermarkets we can find Celeriac roots situated on the bottom shelves, Avocados are always highlighted in the center. Over the course of the past six episodes, low forms elevate in status into the high ones and vice versa. Somewhere during that transformation, new opportunities were created.

The main storyteller is Kami Nábělek, a fairly eccentric philosopher who makes live appearances at The Club’s openings and then on occasion during the run of the shows. He delivers speeches full of scientific and pseudoscientific concepts and reveals key moments in the current story."

Season 1:
PAF Pioneer Works

Episode 6:
Ten Years Night

Episode 5:
Keeping in Line

Episode 4:
Britannica Bootcamp

Episode 3:
My name is Red Herring

Episode 2:
April showers bring May flowers

Episode 1:
Bowling Bar

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